In order to reduce waste and increase the recycling rates of valuable materials such as metals, it’s important to tackle the problem of waste in manufacturing. Our economy is based on consumption, and we’re constantly encouraged to buy more new products. Unfortunately, ineffective manufacturing processes can often lead to wasted materials and, in effect, a growing number of landfills. The environmental impact of this issue simply cannot be ignored. Luckily, with the right waste management systems in place, manufacturing companies can significantly reduce waste while saving money and becoming more environmentally friendly at the same time.


When it comes to your business operations, you cannot make effective changes without creating a detailed plan based on research and factual information. Otherwise, you may end up implementing solutions that will unnecessarily complicate the production process and make work more difficult for your employees. Consider the causes of production waste, solutions that can help you avoid them, and the most efficient ways to introduce new waste management practices within your company.


  • Keep track of your stock. Compare the amount of materials you order and keep in stock with the amount of materials your company actually requires to carry out the production. Try optimising the use of materials and ensure proper storage conditions to prevent damages.
  • Streamline your production line. By providing your employees with professional training and equipping them with advanced tools, you can limit waste resulting from human errors and ineffective practices.
  • Switch to recyclables. Instead of focusing solely on the amount of waste, pay attention to the type of materials you’re throwing away as well. Whenever possible, try implementing recyclable alternatives.


Instead of letting valuable materials and items, e.g., metal cans and containers, batteries, old office equipment and manufacturing tools, end up in landfills, look for other ways of disposing of them. If you cannot find any other use for them in your own company, look for people interested in buying second-hand equipment. Electronic devices contain various metals, including rare and valuable ones, that can be recycled and reused again in the manufacturing process. By sorting your waste into separate categories based on their recycling potential, you can ensure that your manufacturing waste is processed most effectively and safely.

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