Leading the Industry in Monetizing Scrap Metal

Domestic & Foreign Exports

From CCIC inspections to port delivery and container release, we handle everything for recycling facilities across the US in order to sell their commodities to end-users. Because of our long-standing relationships with both domestic mills and global end-users, we purchase ferrous/non-ferrous commodities for top dollar.

Experienced Industry Leadership

By building tight-knit national and international trading relationships over the years, GLE has built its reputation as a top-notch scrap metal brokerage that has the capacity to handle the buying and selling needs of its customers in the industry. Our trading experts carry the industry knowledge to get you the buying or selling price that makes the most sense for your business.

Prompt Competitive Payment

As with all of our services, we pride ourselves on purchasing large volumes of ferrous/non-ferrous materials for domestic mills & global end-users and offering our customers competitive pricing and prompt payment. We also consistently monitor the Comex & LME in order to offer you the best price in exchange for non-ferrous scrap metal at our scrap yards and recycling centers.

How Our Service Works

Step 1: Talk With an Agent

Talk with one of our specialists to see how much potential revenue your business could earn.

Step 2: Formulate a Plan

Our purchasing agent creates a plan that best fits your surplus material to maximize your return.

Step 3: Start Recycling for Profit

Get your trucking set up and start shipping metal to begin the process.

Our Team Can Handle Anything

GLE employs a top-notch logistics team that handles its expansive fleet of trucks as well as equipment for jobs of any size, at any facility. Just give us a call to find out how.

“Their prices are great. From the top guy to the cashier, they are all awesome.”Hudson C. Michelle

Don’t Lose Out on Potential Revenue: Recycle Your Scrap Metal

You may be feverishly working on finishing a job that could potentially give you access to a revenue stream that you have never even considered — recycling your scrap metal for money by way of deconstruction. Download our guide below or call us to learn more if you’re in one of the following industries:

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